Any person of India who is working under any category in Central or state government or in semi-government or in private firm, all farmers, all public community and all those persons who are somehow Indian Citizen can be the member of Dignity Restoration And Grievance Settlement Association (Dignity India).

Dignity Restoration And Grievance Settlement Association (Dignity India) whose work area is whole India. Any person who is citizen of India can be member of this organization. To become member of Dignity India you have following ability

  • Person should not be less than 18 years of age.
  • Person should be a citizen of India.
  • Person should pledge to follow the rules of the organization.
  • Person should be of Good character.
  • Person should be a consumer as per Consumer Protection Act.

By becoming a member of Dignity India, you are entitled to You are able to work freely. Handling of your complaints without charges. An Identity card will be issued for Members. To attend/ participate in all consumer awareness programs free of charge organized by Dignity India. A Free copy of Dignity India’s constitution and memorandum of rules and regulations on demand. Free guidance and advice on consumer related problems.



  • In case of death
  • In case of unsoundmind
  • In cases of not submitting the payable fee to the organization
  • In case of resignation if accepted.
  • In case of character flaw or indiscipline, If executive Committee's take a decision to discontinue the membership.

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